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My photo of Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray lying nude on a green couch is significant.  Back in the 1990s, this was the first nude ever published by Flex Magazine, and it was a sensation.

My view of aesthetically muscular bodies, such as those of female bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors and various Amazing Amazons, it that they are sculpture.  Every bit as much as artistic as the sculptures of Ancient Greece or Michelangelo.  Or looked at another way, depicting the developed female body as if it were a landscape being captured by the lens of Ansel Adams.

Of course, nowadays there are more naked pictures available than any time in history - thanks to the Internet and digital photography.  Nudity is largely associated with sexuality (in some countries more than others).  But as art historian Kenneth Clark pointed out in his book The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form, real figure studies are not erotic, except to the degree that there is always some degree of sexual aspect to images of beautiful bodies.  Figure studies are just that - artistic studies that aesthetically explore the shape, form and detail or the human body.

 This photo of Lenda Murray is a perfect example.  It uses posing and lighting to depict and examine what is probably the most aesthetic example of a female muscular body.  It draws attention to how special and different this kind of physique is from everything that has come before in all of history.  

I have a copy of this photo on the wall of my studio and I've never gotten tired of it - which is one good way of measuring the quality and impact of a work of art.  Your appreciation increases over time rather than gradually losing effect.  But in my view as time goes on, in perhaps 50 or 100 years, the culture will look back and decide this is one of the most significant photos representing the cultural revolution of aesthetic female muscle that emerged in the last 1970s and for which there has been no precedent in all of human history.

To many, Lenda Murray represents the best and most beautiful of all female bodybuilders.  And this is her favorite photo of herself, which she feels best captures what she was trying to achieve with all those years of training, diet and competition.

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