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About Us

Bill Dobbins was working as a photographer for Weider Publications in the late 1970s when modern female bodybuilding first emerged.  He was a bodybuilding fan so when the women came on the scene he realized that men and women both compete in most sports, so it seemed perfectly reasonable to find women stepping on the bodybuilding stage.

He began photographing these women and, when he became Founding Editor of Flex Magazine, featuring them in the magazine pages.  He eventually ended up exhibited in photos of these women in two museums and several art galleries - and publishing two photo books with top international fine art publishers.

Over time Bill and his  photos have developed a loyal following and, after getting many requests as to how to order prints of his images, he decided to develop a Shopify story to make available both prints on  poster-quality paper and also on gallery quality, archival fine art prints suitable for collectors and investors.

So far, most who are interested in owning Bill Dobbins art prints are not typical collectors.  So selling prints on line makes much more sense than trying to work with an established gallery, which has to do a volume of business to pay overhead.  Since galleries typically are charge 50$ and boost prices accordingly. buying online also ends up being a lot less expensive.

Prints ordered from Bill Dobbins are not fulfilled by some kind of service lab.  He has is own fine art printer and makes each print himself as a custom order.  So quality and delivery are totally guaranteed.

One day, when the culture looks back on the  phenomenon of aesthetically developed female muscle, Bill Dobbins' photos will be seen as the primary visual record of this amazing development in modern life.