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Why Buy Art Prints?

Nowadays most of us live surrounded by electronic images - on things like computer screens, tablets, smart phones and TV screens.  These are dynamic, dramatic, exciting and convenient.  But they are fleeting.  Ephemeral.  They have no substance and so can't persist over time.

However, artistic representations like paintings, photographs and sculpture do persist.  They continue to exist when the power goes off.  They have a history and develop a provenance over time.  They are objects that can be collected, bought and sold.  They can be displayed and shared.  They become part of your life, your lifestyle.  They make a statement about who you are, what you value, what your personal values are.  

Art objects like prints can also increase in value over time.  They accrue value.  The right ones are good investments.  Some photographs you could buy for very little back in the day now sell for many thousands.  The older they are the more "vintage" value they have, representing a time, place and reality that can never be captured again.

Photo prints created by the photographer have an added value in that they not only represent the vision of the artist but the result of his or her hands on attention to the creative process.  They are a direct connection between the viewer of the print and the mind and eye that created it.

Prints allow you to bring a work of art, the subject matter and the artist into your life and consciousness.  They have a presence you cannot obtain from the movement of electrons on some kind of viewing screen.